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The American Cichlids carries a wide variety of items perfect for all of your possible outdoor living needs. From grills and grill accessories to lawn care supplies and outdoor power equipment, find all of your outdoor-related items at The American Cichlids. And don’t forget to stop by our Garden Center for garden tools and landscaping supplies! We also carry a huge selection of outdoor recreation supplies like play-sets, tailgating products/games, and fishing gear so you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors all season long. Think of us as a big brand name outlet store just with more specific stuff also, so better! We should be more than able to handle any of your needs, and if we can't for some reason we can surely point you in the right direction.




You’ll find support for your lawn and garden projects online and from friendly, garden-minded associates at your local store. Hopefully from any location we can get back to you and help answer your questions within a short amount of time, we do care about your success! We don't just do this for the money, we do it to spread good spirits and pretty things all about.


No matter what shade of green your thumb is — master gardener, can't keep a cactus alive or landscape professional. The  American Cichlids Garden Center has your back. Even if you are the best of the best, i'm sure we have some tips and tools that will interest you a lot.


I'm proud of the work that I'm able to do for American Cichilds. We can do your work for you so you have no worries what so ever. If your home garden and landscaping plants don't last a year, we'll replace them for free, that's the very least we can do for you.